Realms of Chaos Mod

4 November, 2022

Realms of Chaos Mod

The Realms of Chaos mod is a notable mod which not only adds new dimensions to Minecraft like the other mods but also does even more than that. Players can explore many never-before-seen dimensions, allows to see all kinds of new items, goodies, weapons, armors, … support player to do the job.

Until now, there are a whopping 8 new types of materials to collect, which lead to many new crafting recipes and more items to discover. Moreover, there are some new items can be made from materials which already existed in the original version of Minecraft, it's not too hard to find out.

The Ocean and Frozen Ruins dimensions have unique portals, which ought to be crafted before you can travel to them, just like the End or Nether dimensions in the original version. These portals require new materials added by the Realms of Chaos mod, so you must be careful and lookout for those new blocks and items you've never seen before after installing this mod to your Minecraft.

This mod is still on progress so bugs, errors,.. can be solved right in next update. So what are you waiting for ? Download and install the Realms of Chaos mod today!!