Baubles Mod

19 January, 2023

Baubles Mod

Do you know the word “Bauble” means ? A bauble is pretty small, a decoration thing, often hung on Christmas tree. This Baubles mod for Minecraft is just a small mod and API utility which allows players to have more slots in their inventory.

This mod seems very useful when you using it with other mods. Baubles mod adds four new slots : a belt slot, an amulet and two slots for rings.

So if you want to use this mod as a standalone, you gonna found this mod become useless because there are no amulets, rings or belts in original vanilla Minecraft, unless you're using some other mods that work normally with it.

The problem is, this mod has a special inventory, so it gonna uses a different button than the normal version of Minecraft, but you can go to setting and change your inventory button from E to B to line up with this mod. Not only the extra inventory and the updated GUI, this maps also adds some additional contents to the game, which pretty useful.