Better Horse HUD Mod

The time when horses were presented to Minecraft, many player felt very happy with this new kind of transportation. All you need is finding a saddle and some horse armor, after that, you can take trips to many dangerous dungeons, dark caves, … but horses are worth for all the work.

The feature is, horses are faster than Minecraft even on powered rail, and sometime you can make a leap with great heights, nearly 4 blocks of the ground, of course with a full charged jump. But I think the best thing about them is that you can still perform your own actions even while riding a horse, and horse is such an important part of the game so with this mod, this problem has solved.

With this better horse HUD mod, player could see their hunger and health right next to the mount’s health, so you no need to hop off every time you go through mobs area. With a glance, you will know the exactly time to heal your horse. In normal version, players complain about the missing of the experience bar while riding, but with this mod, the experience bar still appear even when you riding a horse, and the jump bar only appear when you’re truly jumping.