Super Mario Bros. Map

This special map is made based on a popular classic game call Super Mario. Everybody loves him, all of us love the superb game and that endless adventures trying to rescue the princess Peach. The creator has re-created Super Mario Bros. in Minecraft. Just like the original game, in this map, player have to go through an unique journey and save the princess from the boss ” Bowser “.

The map is incredible and there are numerous levels to go through. And with this map, you will get the experience to play Super Mario from the first person view. This map is not intended to copy from the real version of Super Mario, but the author only want to transmit elements of the real one to the Minecraft world with its own stunning texture pack.

This map is designed into a long, thin corridor with 3 blocks wide with many difficulties you can set and rules that you have to follow to ensure a fun play. This Super Mario Bros. map allows up-to 6 players. This one has it’s own scoring system so you can challenge with your friend.